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Marketing és digitális marketing


A marketing plan adapted to your salon

Promotion and event themes are offered every month along with marketing materials in order to boost and promote sales, salons and the brand.


With its extensive experience in salon promotions and events, Mary Cohr provides a poster each month showcasing an event designed to attract new customers.

Direct mail/email campaigns

Guinot puts your customer database to use with an automated CRM programme (Welcome Offer, Birthday, Customer Reminder) and direct mail/email campaigns suited to ongoing events.

Promotional materials

Promotional podium, display box, glorifier, small poster, etc.. Mary Cohr provides all the necessary tools to present new products.

Brand marketing materials

Totem displays, display boards, decorative frames, etc.
Mary Cohr offers a wide array of marketing materials to showcase our products and treatments.

Marketing materials to gain and maintain customer loyalty 

Guinot has developed simple tools to maintain customer loyalty that are also used and recognised by the biggest brands in the business, including a loyalty programme, referral card and gift vouchers.


Promotion and event days

To create buzz and boost business, Guinot regularly organises day and evening events to help you strengthen your customer relationships whilst significantly increasing turnover during the event.


Personalised paper goods

Guinot has developed tools that are essential to everyday salon life (brochure, calling cards, pamphlets, etc.) that are personalised with your salon information (contact information, opening times, prices).


Loyalty gifts

Bags, beauty pouches, candles, etc.
Mary Cohr also regularly offers high-quality promotional goods to boost your salon business.



Loyalty programme

Guinot offers your customers a simple and effective loyalty programme that not only helps to promote loyalty but also to convert customers to high-end products and treatments.

Customers connected to your salon 24/7

To stay connected to consumers in your area, the Guinot brand provides you with digital communication tools to instantly convey contact information, prices, open times and promotions.

Your salon website

Your Guinot website is designed according to a predefined theme, in the brand colours.

It includes all the information likely to be of interest to your customers: opening hours, contact details, price lists, map, photos, brand and salon news, treatment and product descriptions.

Your salon’s Facebook account

Your page will be added to regularly by your digital team with brand content and details of network promotions via an advertising platform.

Through a collaborative tool, you can publish content that is specific to your salon and manage your reviews. You will be in continuous contact with a dedicated digital team.

Local SEO

We help you increase your salon visibility so that it is easy to find on search engines and 23 partner sites (Google, GPS, directories, etc.).

In case of exceptional closures or modified contact information, your information will be updated automatically and consistently across all digital media.


Innovative due to original functionalities for salon customers (geolocation of all our salons, online booking, personalised offers, etc.), the Guinot application is an undeniable asset in your customer acquisition and relationship strategy.

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